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Hood River Planning and Zoning

In 1983, the City of Hood River adopted a Comprehensive Plan to implement Oregon’s Statewide Planning Goals locally. The goals express the state's policies on land use and related topics, such as citizen involvement, housing, and natural resources. The "Comp Plan" provides the basis for the City's zoning map as well as the zoning and subdivision ordinances that regulate new development in the city.

New and Noteworthy

More info on Measure 56 Notice

All property owners within the City's Urban Growth Boundary were sent a notice of proposed code and Comprehensive Plan changes, commonly referred to a "Measure 56 notice". The Measure requires cities and counties to provide affected property owners with notice of a change in zoning classification; adoption or amendment of a comprehensive plan; or adoption or change of an ordinance in a manner that limits or prohibits previously allowed uses. MORE INFO>>

Westside Concept Plan Info

The Hood River Westside Area Concept Report responds to findings of the City’s 2015 Housing Needs Analysis (HNA) and Housing Strategy, and recommends updates to the City’s Comprehensive Plan and development ordinances. The west side of Hood River contains the majority of the community’s buildable land, and it is where most new development is expected to occur in the future. MORE INFO>>

Code Ammendments

A number of code amendments are proposed for the city. The first series of code amendments include proposed revisions to Title 16 (Subdivisions) and Title 17 (Zoning) that target workability and clarity of the Hood River Municipal Code. The amendments reflect recent changes in state law, case law, and should be kept consistent with the existing goals of the City’s Comprehensive Plan. A second series of Code revisions are anticipated after the Planning Commission and City Council review the Westside Concept Plan Report. MORE INFO>>

City Planning Current Topics Fact Sheets

Establishing a Vision and Meeting Oregon’s Statewide Planning Goals on the Local Level What is the Westside Concept Plan Report? Accommodating Hood River’s Housing Needs
Statewide Planning Goals on the Local Level PDF What is the Westside Concept Plan Report? PDF Accommodating Hood River’s Housing Needs PDF

Location and Hours of Operation

The City of Hood River Planning Department is located in City Hall at 211 2nd Street. A planner typically is available for walk-in questions from 9:00 a.m. through noon on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. This schedule is necessary to ensure adequate time for staff to focus on land use applications, legislative tasks, building permits and enforcement.

Application Forms & Documents

Visit the Application Forms & Documents page.

Planning Commission Agendas and Minutes

Review Agendas & Minutes for the City of Hood River Planning Commission.

Short-Term Rentals

Information about Hood River's zoning- and licensing regulations for Short-Term Rentals is available here

2015 Housing Needs Analysis and Housing Strategy

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