A Resolution Directing a Process to Proceed with Processing a Commissioned Piece of Public Art for the State Street Restroom

WHEREAS, the State Street Urban Renewal project is now substantially complete; and
WHEREAS, an important component of the project is construction of a public restroom and gathering area at the intersection of 3rd and State Street; and
WHEREAS, for over a year the Hood River Urban Renewal Advisory Committee has considered and discussed various aspects of providing a commissioned piece of public art at the restroom site; and
WHEREAS, the Urban Renewal Agency of Hood River acknowledges receiving recommendations from the Urban Renewal Advisory Committee as specified in a staff cover sheet dated March 14, 2016; and
Now THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED the Agency directs the Agency Administrator to proceed as described in the March 16 cover sheet, including purchase price not to exceed $20,000, consideration of commissioned custom designed art piece as well as existing “Big Art” pieces displayed in Hood River and contracting for specific, experienced expertise in managing the requested for proposal section process.
APPROVED by the Urban Renewal Agency of the City of Hood River on this 14 day of March 2016.


       Kate McBride, Chair


Jennifer Gray, City Recorder