Resolution No. 2015-21

A Resolution adopting a new monthly rate schedule for water utility customers and repealing all prior water rate schedules and resolutions

 The Hood River City Council finds as follows:

 WHEREAS, ORS Chapter 225  authorizes cities to establish and set rates for water service for the costs of operating, constructing, repairing, and replacing water sources,  treatment, transmission, storage, and distribution; and
 WHEREAS, Bell Design Company has completed the Water Master Plan  (July 2013) that includes Appendix T: Financial Plan and Rate Analysis by Economic & Financial Analysis (EFA) which together are the Findings; and
 WHEREAS, the City has since Fiscal Year 2010-11 invested more than $26.7 million to replace the main transmission line from its water source to the City and made other improvements to its storage, distribution, and treatment systems; and
 WHEREAS, the City has entered into two loans to pay for construction of these improvements; and
 WHEREAS, the City last increased water rates in Fiscal Year 2009-2010; and
 WHEREAS, the City Council reviewed the Findings and incorporated herein by this reference; and

 WHEREAS, at the August 24th, 2015 City Council meeting the City Council deliberated on the recommendations in the Findings.

 NOW, THEREFORE, based on the foregoing Findings, the Hood River City Council resolves that all prior water rate resolutions are hereby repealed and rescinded.

 BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that after due consideration, it resolves to increase the water rates on October 1, 2015 by 12.0%  as shown in Exhibit A attached to and made a part of this resolution. 

 Approved this 24th day of August 2015 by a majority of the Hood River City Council and to become effective 1st day of October 2015.


      Paul Blackburn, Mayor


Jennifer Gray, City Recorder Approved as to form:

Daniel Kearns, City Attorney