Resolution No. 2015-20

A Resolution adopting a new wastewater system development charge schedule for new or existing developments requesting connection to or increasing the connection to the City’s sewerage collection system and repealing all prior wastewater system development charge schedules and resolutions

 The Hood River City Council finds as follows:

 WHEREAS, ORS Chapter 223 authorizes cities to assess System Development Charges (SDCs) to finance capacity increasing system improvements needed to serve development; and
 WHEREAS, the City of Hood River recently revised its SDC regulations and consolidated all such regulations into Chapter 12.07 of the Hood River Municipal Code addressing SDCs for transportation, sanitary sewer, water, stormwater and park systems; and
 WHEREAS, the City has implemented its authority from ORS Chapter 223 by the adoption of HRMC Chapter 12.07 (System Development Charges), pursuant to which it has adopted, and from time to time amended, a sanitary sewer SDC methodology; and
 WHEREAS, the City’s has adopted the Wastewater Facilities Plan (HBH, Consulting Engineers February 2015) which presents the list of needed capital improvements and their cost; and,  
 WHEREAS, Economic & Financial Analysis prepared Update Wastewater System Development Charge (April 2015); and
 WHEREAS, the City Council reviewed the Update Wastewater System Development Charges, a copy of which is attached as Exhibit A and incorporated herein by this reference; and

 WHEREAS, at its August 24, 2015 regular City Council meeting the City Council deliberated on the recommendations in the Wastewater Facilities Plan and the Update Wastewater System Development Charges that together comprise the Findings.

 NOW, THEREFORE, based on the foregoing Findings, the Hood River City Council resolves that all prior wastewater SDC resolutions are hereby repealed and rescinded.

 BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that Update Wastewater System Development Charge, dated April 2015, attached hereto as Exhibit A and incorporated herein by this reference, is hereby adopted and approved as the basis for the calculation and assessment of Wastewater System Development Charges for all development in the City seeking connection to or expansion of its connection to the sewer utility.

 Approved this 24th day of August 2015 by a majority of the Hood River City Council and effective October 1, 2015.

      Paul Blackburn, Mayor


Jennifer Gray, City Recorder Approved as to form:

Daniel Kearns, City Attorney