Resolution 2015 – 15
A Resolution authorizing the City Manager to execute an Intergovernmental Partnership Agreement with the State of Oregon regarding e-Permitting for building services

Whereas, The State of Oregon, acting through the Department of Consumer and Business Services , Building Codes Division, seeks to streamline and improve building permit operations in the State of Oregon; and

Whereas, electronic access to building permitting information and allowing licensed contractors the ability to apply for and review building permits is a use of emerging technology that will accomplish business improvement to foster economic development; and

Whereas, the State of Oregon has successfully contracted with the vendor Accela to provide municipal access to an e-Permitting system, an electronic online system that has technical support and working functionality; and

Whereas, the City desires to coordinate and cooperate with this system as it is implemented by our regional partners the County of Hood River and the Mid-Columbia Council of Governments; and

Whereas, the City’s contract building services provider, The Clair Company, is trained and qualified to implement this system along with trained personnel from the State of Oregon;

NOW, THEREFORE BE ITRESOLVED by the Hood River City Council that:
The City Manager is authorized to execute an Intergovernmental Partnership Agreement with the State of Oregon to establish a system of electronic permitting, known as e-Permitting, for use by the City and the City’s building services provider.
Adopted by the Hood River City Council this 13th day of July, 2015.

       Paul Blackburn, Mayor
Jennifer Gray, City Recorder