A Resolution stating the City of Hood River’s support of Legislation to implement a price on carbon for the State of Oregon.

WHEREAS, the City Council and Mayor under the Hood River City Charter have the authority to protect the health, safety and general welfare of its citizens and is compelled by the scientific consensus that carbon dioxide emissions are the primary cause of global climate change, and agrees that climate change is a crisis demanding immediate measures to reduce its negative effects, and

WHEREAS, the City finds that climate change is a threat to public health, national security, food security, and business supply chains.  These societal costs of inaction are significant and outweigh the temporary economic impacts associated with the energy transition, and   

WHEREAS the City believes that assigning a cost to carbon dioxide emissions is one of the most efficient ways to discourage consumption of fossil fuels and encourage development of alternatives, and

WHEREAS the City finds that the Legislative Revenue Office ‘Economic and Emissions Impacts of a Clean Air Tax or Fee in Oregon (SB306)’, report #4-14, December 2014 as well as previous similar analyses concludes that imposing a price on carbon within the State of Oregon could have relatively small impacts on the economy and would significantly reduce greenhouse gas emissions , and  

WHEREAS the City believes that it is important for communities large and small to voice both their recognition of the global problems of carbon dioxide emissions and their support for local actions by the State of Oregon. 

Now therefore be it RESOLVED, that the City of Hood River calls on the Oregon State Legislature to craft legislation carefully to impose a carbon price, in the form of a fee, tax, or cap, relying on modeling described in the NERC reports and the experience of British Columbia and California, with special attention to mitigating impacts on low-income Oregonians.
Be it further resolved that the City of Hood River urges this legislation to establish price levels that adequately address the climate crisis, according to the most credible climatological and economic research, and

Be it further resolved, that the City of Hood River urges the EPA to allow states the option to voluntarily use market based economy wide carbon pricing as an alternative compliance mechanism for the Clean Power Plan, and  

Be it further resolved that the City of Hood River transmits copies of this resolution to the Governor of Oregon, to our State Senator Chuck Thomsen, State Representative Mark Johnson and all members of the State Legislature actively proposing carbon price legislation, and  

Be it further resolved that the City of Hood River transmits copies of this resolution to each Senator and Representative from Oregon in the Congress of the United States, and

Be if further resolved that passage of this resolution shall not preclude the City of Hood River from further lobbying efforts as deemed appropriate.
Approved by the Hood River City Council this 9th Day of March to take effect immediately.

                                                                                    Paul Blackburn, Mayor


Jennifer Gray, City Recorder