Resolution 2014 - URA – 04
(A resolution approving the purchase of real property)



WHEREAS, The City of Hood River Urban Renewal Agency (URA) has identified property (Attachment A) that it requires, for construction of the Front and Oak Street Renewal Project; and
WHEREAS, that property is currently owned and available for sale by Mr. Scott Freeman and Mr. Tim Bell, as joint tenants with the right of survivorship; and
WHEREAS, Mr. Freeman and Mr. Bell have agreed to sell the identified property for the Amount of $21,000 and no other consideration; and
WHEREAS, the URA wish to purchase the property from available project funds.

NOW THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED that the Urban Renewal Agency of the City of Hood River Directs the Agency Chairperson to sign the necessary documents in a form approved by legal council to purchase the property identified in Attachment A from Mr. Freeman and Mr. Bell.

Approved by the Urban Renewal Agency of the City of Hood River the 10th day of March 2014, to take effect immediately.

Hoby Streich, Chairperson


Ross Schultz, Interim Administrator