Resolution 2014- URA - 02


(A resolution approving a supplemental budget for 2013-2014)


            WHEREAS, ORS 294.471 allows the Agency to adopt a supplemental budget by resolution of the Board;


            WHEREAS, the estimated expenditures contained in the supplemental budget attached as Exhibit A may differ by 10 per cent or more of any one of the individual funds contained in the regular budget, requiring notice and a public hearing; and


WHEREAS, it is necessary to adopt a supplemental budget for creating new funds and new appropriations categories, decreasing revenues, and appropriating new revenues;


            WHEREAS, the Agency published the supplemental budget and provided notice as required by ORS 294.471(3) and held a public hearing on March 10, 2014, to consider the proposed supplemental budget.


            NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED that the Urban Renewal Agency of the City of Hood River that the supplemental budget as shown on the attached Exhibit A is adopted.


Approved by the Urban Renewal Agency of the City of Hood River this 10 day of March, 2014, to take effect immediately.







                                                                                    Hoby Streich, Chairperson






Ross Schultz, Interim Administrator