WHEREAS, the Hood River Urban Renewal Agency (Agency) is the duly appointed urban renewal agency of the City of Hood River, Oregon (City) pursuant to ORS Chapter 457;

 WHEREAS, the Agency is required by its bylaws to appoint an Advisory Committee to provide advice to the Agency Board regarding the implementation of the Agency’s urban renewal plans.
              NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED that the Advisory Committee is hereby created to advise the Agency Board regarding implementation of the Agency’s urban renewal plans.  The composition of the Advisory Committee shall be as follows:
1. Membership: The Advisory Committee shall consist of seven (7) members: Six (6) of the members shall be from the public at large who are property owners in the City of Hood River, or registered electors residing within the City of Hood River for at least one year; One (1) member shall be a member of the City of Hood River Planning Commission (Planning Commission) and nominated by the Planning Commission.
2. Terms: Initially, two (2) of the members shall serve for a term of two years; two (2) members shall serve a term of three (3) years; and two (2) members shall serve for a term of four years. The member from the  Planning Commission shall serve for a term of four years.  Upon expiration of the initial terms, the members of the Advisory Committee will serve four-year staggered terms.
3. Meetings: Regular meetings shall be held by the Advisory Committee in compliance with ORS 192.610 et seq. All meetings shall be held within the City at a place and time determined by the committee by majority vote of the full committee. All meetings shall be open to the public and minutes taken and published, except that any meeting may be held in executive session if such session is in conformity with ORS 192.660.
4. Quorum: Four members of the Advisory Committee shall constitute a quorum for the purpose of conducting its business and exercising its powers and for all other purposes, except as otherwise provided in this resolution.
5. Duties of the Committee: The committee is responsible for the following activities:
Review the urban renewal  plans and provide  recommendations to the  Agency Board.
Recommend projects that are consistent with the urban renewal plans and prepare a prioritized list of potential urban renewal projects for the Agency Board.
Recommend to the Agency Board potential projects to be undertaken, public contracts to be awarded, potential plan amendments, and budget needs.
Advise the City Planning Commission and Agency Board on urban renewal area development standards.
Make recommendations to the  Agency Board regarding potential investments in public improvements and public/private development partnerships that will  enhance the urban renewal areas and facilitate development of commercial and industrial portions of the urban renewal areas to create jobs and income which will provide economic support to the urban renewal areas.
Those who are registered electors will serve as members of the Agency Budget Committee.
Review all projects and expenditures proposed to the Agency Board to ensure such projects and expenditures are consistent with the Agency’s adopted budget and the urban renewal plans.
Perform other tasks and duties as requested by the Agency Board.

 ADOPTED this 24 day of May, 2012.


Hoby Streich, Chair


Jennifer Gray, City Recroder