Resolution 2012 - 12
(Taxi Cab Rates Increase)


 WHEREAS, Gorge Yellow Cab LLC a taxi cab company in the City of Hood River, is requesting an increase to rates, the last rate having been set in 2005 by Resolution 2005-18;

 WHEREAS, HRMC 5.20.060 provides that the City Council shall establish service rates for transport of persons and packages by taxi cab; and

 WHEREAS, the Hood River Municipal Code currently requires all taxicab companies operating in the City of Hood River to obtain a license from the City Council and to submit their rates to the City Council for approval; and

 WHEREAS, the City Council may establish the maximum rates by resolution;

NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED by the Hood River City Council that the following rates are established as the maximum rates to be charged and collected for the transportation of passenger in taxicabs for trips originating within the City:

  A.  Pick Up      $4.00
  B.  Plus cost per mile     $2.50
  C.  2 person limit, extra person   $2.50
  D.  Hourly Rate (standby)    $30.00


  A.  Portland Airport      $120.00
  B.  Each Additional Passenger    $7.50

 LOCAL TRIPS (anywhere with in City limits)  $9.00

These rates shall be subject to review by the City Council at least every two years.

Approved by the Hood River City Council the 26 day of March 2012, to take effect immediately.

       Arthur Babitz, Mayor

Jennifer Gray, City Recorder