A Resolution amending the Council Procedures to allow the reappointment of an incumbent Planning Commissioner.

 The Hood River City Council finds as follows:

 WHEREAS, the City Council adopted a set of Council Procedures on July 24, 2006 pursuant to Resolution 2006-16; and

 WHEREAS, the Council Procedures currently require advertisement and interviews of candidates by City Council whenever there is a vacancy or expired term on the Planning Commission; and

 WHEREAS, the Council Procedures currently allow the City Council to reappoint Budget Committee members without the need for advertisement or interviews; and

 WHEREAS, it would be more efficient and expeditious if the City Council were allowed to reappoint Planning Commissioners without the need for advertisement or interviews when there are no apparent objections to such reappointment.

 NOW THEREFORE, based on the foregoing Findings, the Hood River City Council resolves that Section 10 (Committees), Section 10.2 of the Council Procedures, adopted July 24, 2006 by Resolution 2006-16, be amended to read as follows:

10.2 Filling Planning Commission and Budget Committee Vacancies:  Any vacancy occurring on the Planning commission or City Budget Committee will be filled as follows.
a. When a vacancy occurs on the Budget Committee or the Planning Commission, the Council may reappoint the member whose term has expired if the Council believes circumstances warrant reappointment.  In all other cases, when a vacancy occurs on the Budget Committee or Planning Commission, the city Manager shall publish a Notice of Vacancy inviting applications to be filled by interested, qualified candidates.  The notice shall state that any information provided is subject to the Oregon Public Records Laws.  Candidates must include in their filing a resume describing their background and a statement of the reason(s) why they desire to be considered for appointment.  The City Recorder will verify the qualifications, if any, of the candidates.

*   *   *


 Adopted, approved and effective this 12th day of September 2011.

      Arthur Babitz, Mayor


Jennifer Gray, City Recorder Approved as to form:

Daniel Kearns, City Attorney