(SEE – OAR 123 065 1540)

WHEREAS, the City of Hood River is sponsoring an application for designation of an enterprise zone with Hood River County, City of Cascade Locks, and Port of Hood River.

WHEREAS, the City of Hood River is interested in an enterprise zone to encourage new business investment, job creation, higher incomes for local residents, and greater diversity of economic activity.

WHEREAS, the proposed enterprise zone has a total area of 5.5 square miles, and it meets other statutory limitations on size and configuration; it is depicted on the drawn to scale map (Exhibit 1). 

WHEREAS, the proposed enterprise zone contains significant land that is reserved for industrial use, as indicated by land use zoning map(s) with the application, consistent with Comprehensive Plan(s) acknowledged by the Land Conservation and Development Commission, such industrial sites are accessible, serviced or serviceable, and otherwise ready for use and further development.

WHEREAS, the designation of an enterprise zone does not grant or imply permission to develop land within the Zone without complying with prevailing zoning, regulatory and permitting processes and restrictions for applicable jurisdictions; nor does it indicate any intent to modify those processes or restrictions, except as otherwise in accordance with Comprehensive Plans

WHEREAS, the City of Hood River appreciates the impacts that a designated enterprise zone would have and the property tax exemptions that eligible business firms might receive therein, as governed by Oregon Revised Statutes (ORS) Chapter 285C and other provisions of Oregon Law.

WHEREAS, all of the other municipal corporations, school districts, special service districts and so forth, other than the sponsoring governments, that receive operating revenue through the levying of ad valorem taxes on real and personal property in any area of the proposed enterprise zone were sent notice and invited to a consultation meeting and public meeting regarding this proposal, in order for these sponsoring governments to effectively consult with these other local taxing districts.  Follow up arrangements as agreed to with these consultations will be completed with affected districts within six months of the proposed enterprise zone’s designation.

WHEREAS, the availability of enterprise zone exemptions to business firms that operate hotels, motels or destination resorts would help diversify local economic activity, provide useful employment for some segments of the labor force, and facilitate the expansion of accommodations for visitors which in turn will spend time and money in the area for business, recreation or other purposes.

NOW, THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED, the City of Hood River supports an application for an Oregon enterprise zone to be named:  Hood River/Hood River Enterprise Zone, and requests that the director of the Oregon Business Development Department order the designation of this enterprise zone.

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED, Hood River County Economic Development Coordinator and Hood River/Hood River Enterprise Zone Manager is authorized to submit the enterprise zone application for Hood River County and to make any substantive or technical change to the application materials, as necessary, after adoption of this resolution.

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED, the City of Hood River will give priority to the use in the proposed enterprise zone, if designated, of any economic development or job training funds received from the federal government, consistent with ORS 285C.065(3)(d).

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED, the City of Hood River commits, upon designation, to jointly appoint Hood River County Economic Development Director as the local enterprise zone manager.

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED, the City of Hood River will jointly comply with the requirements and provisions of ORS 285C.105 and otherwise fulfill its duties under ORS 285C.050 to 285C.250.
BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED, the City of Hood River jointly commits, within six months of designation, to implement and to confirm for the department its fulfillment of such duties, as specified in OAR 123-065-0210, including but not limited to preparation of a list or map of local lands and buildings owned by the state or by municipal corporations within the enterprise zone that are not being used or designated for a public purpose and that have appropriate land use zoning, and to efforts for making such real property available for lease or purchase by authorized business firms under ORS 285C.110.

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED, the City of Hood River jointly requests that the Director of the Oregon Business Development Department waive the distance maximum of 15 miles between separate areas within the proposed enterprise zone pursuant to this application for designation.

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED, the City of Hood River as a sponsor of the proposed Hood River/Hood River Enterprise Zone exercises its option herewith under ORS 285C.070 that qualified property of and operated by a qualified business firm as a hotel, motel or destination resort may receive a property tax exemption in the Zone, and that such business firms are eligible for purposes of authorization upon the effective designation of the Zone

 Approved by the Hood River City Council on the 8th Day of March 2010.


City of Hood River Council

Mayor - Arthur Babitz

Council President - Ann Frodel

Council Member - Laurent Picard

Council Member - Carrie Nelson

Council Member - John Herron

Council Member - Dawna Armstrong

Council Member - Jane Beatty