Hood River County Library

WHEREAS, the library is important to the economic development of Hood River County; and

WHEREAS, literacy for children is the foundation for later success, and

WHEREAS, the library is an important recourse for families and the core of the community, and

WHEREAS, the library is one of the last places everyone can visit without a user fee, and

WHEREAS, the library is the great equalizer that is open to any income, race or age.

THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED THAT the Hood River City Council proclaim their support for the new library district


BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that the Hood River City Council supports keeping the public library open to all. 

Approved:  _________________________________
        Arthur Babitz, Mayor
Date:        _________________________________ 


Jennifer McKenzie, City Recorder

Motion Made by:___________________________     Second by:________________________

Passed/Failed:______________________________    Dated:_____________________________