Resolution 2009-40

(A resolution defining the location of public travelways within Waucoma Park with the intention of neither increasing or decreasing current paved or cement covered area)

 WHEREAS, Waucoma Park (“Park”) is a public park located within the City of Hood River;

 WHEREAS, For the purpose of this resolution the phrase “travelway” is defined as the portion of the street for the movement of vehicles, exclusive of rights-of-way and at least 11' wide, used by a motor vehicle for ingress or egress to, from or across land whether permanent or temporary and intended for public use.;

 WHEREAS, due to the language of the deed and on the September 29, 1900 plat by which the land was granted to the City for park purposes, the Park should be shown as Waucoma Park; however it is shown as right of way on the County Assessor’s Maps;

 WHEREAS, Montello Avenue had rights-of-way established between Park and 8th Streets by Ordinance 814 in 1938

 WHEREAS, the City Council desires to remove all rights-of-way and designate the location of existing travelways within the Park so as to delineate the boundaries of the Park to maximize the land available for park purposes;
WHEREAS; the City Council desires to eliminate parking within Waucoma Park, except for parking alongside the south curb of Montello Avenue;

 NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED by the Hood River City Council that:

The location of the travelways within Waucoma Park are as shown on the attached Exhibit A.  It is the Council’s intent to establish the locations to correspond with the existing travelway improvements.  It is the Council’s intent to establish these existing travelways as permitted public uses within Waucoma Park and, in order to ensure continued public use of these roadways, requires Council approval for issuance of any lease, easement, or permit.  The width or location of the travelways shall not be changed without Council approval.  Additionally, the Council resolves to eliminate all parking within Waucoma Park except that parking will be allowed along the south curb of Montello Avenue between Park Avenue and 8th Street. Those portions of Waucoma Park not designated for travelway purposes will be used and managed for public park purposes.

Be It Further Resolved that the City will prepare an Ordinance to remove the rights-of-way from Montello Avenue between Park and 8th Streets immediately.
Approved by the Hood River City Council the ______ day of ________________, 2009, to take effect immediately.

       Arthur Babitz, Mayor
Jennifer McKenzie, City Recorder