Resolution 2009-13

(A resolution authorizing a second 15-year property tax exemption term for historic properties pursuant to HB 2776)

 WHEREAS, the City and its citizens value the preservation of its architectural heritage and support tools to assist that preservation, including property tax deferment programs;

 WHEREAS, the City’s architectural heritage in the downtown local historic district contributes significantly to the quality of life in the City and should be preserved;

 WHEREAS, the 2005 Oregon Legislature enacted HB 2776, which amended the Special Assessment of Historic Property program to allow property owners to apply for a second 15-year period of special assessment as a local option;

 WHEREAS, extension of the exemption would result in the opportunity for the following properties currently receiving the special assessment to request an additional 15 years of tax freeze:

Colby, Ernest and Clara, House 1219 Columbia 2000
First National Bank 304 Oak 2006
Heilbronner Building 100 Third St 2006
IOOF-Paris Fair Building 315 Oak Street 2001
Mt. Hood Hotel Annex 102-08 Oak 1994
Mt. Hood Railroad Linear Historic District 110 Railroad 1994
Murphy, Lester and Hazel, House 1006 Sherman Ave 2007
Waucoma Hotel 102-108 Second (201-207 2000

 WHEREAS, the loss of property tax income is offset by the benefit of encouraging and promoting historic preservation of the City’s historic residences;
 NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED by the Hood River City Council that:

The City adopts the option of allowing owners of specially-assessed historic property to apply for a second period of special assessment pursuant to the requirements of state law and rules promulgated by the Oregon State Historic Preservation Office.
Approved by the Hood River City Council the 27th day of April 2009, to take effect immediately.
       Arthur Babitz, Mayor

Jennifer McKenzie, City Recorder