(A resolution authorizing execution of an Auditor Services contract)

 WHEREAS, the City of Hood River is a municipal corporation in the State of Oregon (the “State”) and exists pursuant to the Constitution and laws of the State;

 WHEREAS, pursuant to applicable law, the City Council is authorized to contract for Auditor Services as necessary to the functions and operations of the City.
 WHEREAS, the City Council previously approved a RFP (Request for Proposals) on May 27, 2008 regarding the selection of Auditor Services;

 WHEREAS, proposals have been received and reviewed in a manner consistent with this RFP;
 NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED by the Hood River City Council that:

1. Either Ron Geason, Finance Director, or Bob Francis, City Manager (each an “Authorized Representative”) is hereby authorized to negotiate, enter into, execute, and deliver a contract for Auditor Services with Pauly, Rogers and Co., P.C. Certified Public Accountants in Tigard, Oregon under the provisions of the RFP.

2. The aggregate contract amounts are: 
FY09   $44,700
FY10  $47,050
FY11  $49,400

Approved by the Hood River City Council this 28th day of July, 2008, to take effect immediately.

       Linda Streich, Mayor
Jennifer McKenzie, City Recorder