(An ordinance amending 17.03.040 Office/Residential Zone (C-1) Setback Requirements
of the Hood River Municipal Code)

 WHEREAS, the City undertook a visioning process that involved a written survey and town hall meetings;

 WHEREAS, the following amendments to Title 17 respond to issues raised during the visioning process;

 WHEREAS, the following amendments are consistent with the City’s Comprehensive Plan as set forth in the attached Findings of Fact and Conclusions of Law, which are approved and hereby incorporated by reference;

* * *
17.03.040 Office/Residential Zone (C-1)
A. Permitted Uses.
1. Single-family dwellings and accessory structures
2. Duplexes and triplexes
3. Rooming and boarding houses
4. Manufactured homes
5. Home occupation
6. Bed and breakfast facilities
7. Family day care
8. Residential care facility
9. Group residential, if less than fifteen (15) persons
10. Transportation facilities pursuant to 17.20.050(A)
B. Permitted Uses Subject to Site Plan Review.
1. Professional offices
2. Change of use 
3. Parking lots of four (4) or more spaces, new or expanded, and or the equivalent of paving equal to four (4) or more parking spaces
4. Multi-family dwellings
5. Group residential, if fifteen (15) or more persons
6. Transportation facilities pursuant to 17.20.050(B)
C. Conditional Uses.
1. Hospitals, sanitariums, rest homes, nursing or convalescent homes
2. Schools and child care centers
3. Public parks, playgrounds and related facilities
4. Utility or pumping substations
5. Churches
6. Planned unit developments 
7. Public facilities and uses
8. Hostels
9. Townhouse projects
D. Site Development Requirements.
1. Minimum Lot Area:  Per dwelling unit or duplex, a minimum of 5,000 square feet. Each unit thereafter shall require an additional 1,500 square feet.
2. Minimum Townhouse Lot Area:  A minimum of 5,000 square feet for the first two (2) residential units and 1,500 square feet each for any additional residential units.
3. Minimum Frontage: 
a. Fifty (50) feet on a dedicated public street or
b. Thirty (30) feet on a public dedicated cul-de-sac. 
E. Setback Requirements.
1. Professional offices:  The standards outlined in the C-2 R-3 zone apply.
2. Residential uses or a combination of professional offices and residential uses:  The standards outlined in the R-3 zone apply.
F. Maximum Building Height. 
 Thirty-five (35) feet.
G. Parking Regulations.
1. Professional Offices: 
a. One (1) off-street parking space shall be provided on the building site or adjacent to the site for each employee.  In addition, adequate off-street parking shall be provided on or adjacent to the building site to meet the needs of anticipated clientele. 
b. In no case shall there be less than two (2) off-street parking spaces. 
c. The Central Business District, the Heights Business District and the Waterfront are exempt from this requirement but shall pay a fee in-lieu of parking in accordance with Chapter 17.23.
d. Parking in the Central Business District, Heights Business District and Waterfront may be satisfied by substituting all or some of the parking requirement at adjacent or nearby off-site off-street locations and/or by adjacent or nearby shared parking if the substitute parking reasonably satisfies the parking requirements of this section.  If no off-street or off-site parking reasonably satisfies the parking requirements of this section, the fee in-lieu of parking shall be paid in accordance with Chapter 17.23.  If less than all required parking is provided, the fee in lieu of parking shall be paid in accordance with Chapter 17.23, except that a credit shall be given for the number of spaces provided.
2. Residential Uses:
a. All individual dwelling units, duplexes, and triplexes shall be provided with two (2) parking spaces for each unit on the building site, one (1) of which may be within the required front yard setback area. 
b. Multi-family dwellings shall be required to furnish one and one-half (1½) off-street parking spaces per dwelling unit on or adjacent to the building site.
c. Required setback areas may be utilized for off-street parking for multi-family dwellings. 
d. Parking spaces utilizing access from a public dedicated alley may be located within the setback areas.
3. All parking areas and driveways shall be hard surfaced prior to occupancy, under the following circumstances:
a. New construction
b. Change of use
c. New parking area
4. Bicycle parking as required by 17.20.040.
H. Lighting. 
Artificial lighting shall be subdued and shall not shine, cause glare, or be unnecessarily bright on surrounding properties.  Both interior and exterior lighting shall take into consideration the view shed and shall be dimmed as much as possible after closing without compromising safety and security.  Flood lights on poles higher than fifteen (15) feet shall not be permitted. 
I. Signs. 
All signs shall be in conformance with the sign regulations of this title.
J. Landscaping. 
All landscaping shall be in conformance with the landscape standards in this title.

Read for the first time:  September 10, 2007.

Read for the second time and passed:  September 10, 2007, to become effective thirty (30) days hence.

Signed      , 2007.

      Linda Streich, Mayor

Jill Rommel, City Recorder