Resolution 2007-05

(A resolution establishing the In-Lieu Parking Fee for the Central Business District, Waterfront, and the Heights Business District)

 WHEREAS, the City Council adopted Ordinance 1925, which established the In-Lieu Parking Fee to be paid to the City in lieu of providing required off-street parking when permitted by Title 17;

 WHEREAS, in establishing the In-Lieu Parking Fee, the City Council took into account the current costs of land acquisition, financing and construction, as set forth in the City Manager’s report, attached as Exhibit A;

 WHEREAS, the In-Lieu Fee must be based on 1.2 parking stalls or spaces per 1,000 square feet of development multiplied by the amount set by this Resolution;

 WHEREAS, the amount established by this Resolution may be adjusted by further resolution of the Council based on factors such as inflation, cost of providing new parking spaces, and the market value of parking spaces;
 NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED by the Hood River City Council that:

 The amount of the In-Lieu Parking Fee pursuant to HRMC 17.23.010 is $18,000.

Approved by the Hood River City Council the ______ day of ________________, 2007, to take effect immediately.


       Linda Streich, Mayor

Jill Rommel, City Recorder