(An ordinance adding the Community Vision documents to the Background Report of the City’s Comprehensive Plan)

 WHEREAS, pursuant to Goal 1 (Citizen Involvement) of the City’s Comprehensive Plan, the City undertook a visioning process in the Spring and Summer of 1995 that involved a written survey and town hall meetings;

 WHEREAS, the City Council adopted the Hood River Community Vision (1995-2015) as a “working document” only.

 WHEREAS, over the past 10 years, the City of Hood River has experienced growth and development changes which have changed the face of Hood River;

 WHEREAS, the City undertook an updated visioning process in the Fall of 2005 (Keeping Hood River on Track) to reexamine and update our 1995 statement; using a written survey and town hall meetings;

 WHEREAS, the results of the questionnaire identified several main concerns relative to growth in Hood River:  Lack of affordable housing, retention and acquisition of open space, and well defined development codes as the top three;

 WHEREAS, the thoughts and concerns expressed by the citizens of Hood River were similar to those expressed in 1995, however, the 2005 document furthers the vision process by addressing “where do we go from here”;

 WHEREAS,  because the 1995 Vision was not adopted, and the following amendments to the Background Report of the Comprehensive Plan are approved and hereby incorporated by reference;


The Background Report of the Comprehensive Plan under Goal 1- Citizen Involvement:  is hereby adopted to include the following Exhibits:

1.  1995-2015 Hood River Community Vision
2. Hood River 2020 – Keeping Hood River on Tract (Public Feedback Report)
3. Hood River 2020 Final Report

Read for the first time:  November 13, 2006
Read for the second time and passed: November 27, 2006, to become effective thirty (30) days hence.

Signed     , 2006       
        Linda Streich, Mayor

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