(An ordinance adding Chapter 10.42—Residential Parking Districts to the Hood River Municipal Code)

 WHEREAS, the City of Hood River is responsible for the control of parking on public streets under Title 10 of the Hood River Municipal Code;

WHEREAS, the City continues to grow economically, with growth seen especially in commercial and residential areas;

WHEREAS, there is a limited supply of public parking available in some commercial areas, particularly the Heights and downtown areas;

WHEREAS, visitors and employees of commercial businesses are parking in residentially zoned neighborhoods on the periphery of the commercial districts;

WHEREAS, the City has sought to control on-street parking in residential neighborhoods adjacent to commercial areas by erecting residential parking signs to deter non-residential parking;

WHEREAS, although the signs have been mildly effective, the City cannot enforce the signs absent code provisions to support enforcement;

WHEREAS, there is insufficient residential parking in residential neighborhoods adjacent to busy commercial areas due to customers/visitors and employees, and residents in these neighborhoods are frustrated by the lack of adequate on-street parking in their neighborhoods;

 WHEREAS, it is in the best interests of the health, welfare and safety of the residents of the City’s neighborhoods experiencing reduced parking due to the high volume of commercial traffic in the City to enforce and control the on-street parking in these residential neighborhoods;


Chapter 10.42 is added to the Hood River Municipal Code:

10.42.010  Council to designate residential parking districts
10.42.020  Designation criteria
10.42.030  Public hearing
10.42.040  Parking restriction in residential parking districts
10.42.050  Residency required for a permit
10.42.060   Permit application
10.42.070   Residential parking permit; short term and temporary permits; hardship permit
10.42.080  Permit Fee and Term
10.42.090  Display of Permits
10.42.100  Expiration of Permits
10.42.110  Permit Transfers and Replacement
10.42.120  Penalties

10.42.010  Council to designate residential parking districts. The City Council has the authority, on its own motion or upon approval of a petition from a majority of the residents of the district or proposed district, to designate, repeal, or revise residential parking districts, and to establish the parking restrictions (i.e. days, hours, exemptions) for each separate residential district. Residential parking districts may be designated only in the R-1, R-2 or R-3 zones.   

10.42.020  Designation criteria.

A. A residential parking district may be designated if the following criteria are satisfied:

1. All of the property in the proposed district is zoned R-1, R-2, or R-3; and
2. During the proposed hours of restricted parking, the number of vehicles of non-residents parked legally or illegally on a street in the district is equal to thirty percent (30%) or more of the legal on-street parking capacity of the street. The percentage of non-residential parking is determined by averaging the results of at least two surveys conducted on different days and at different times of the day but within the hours of restricted parking. For the purpose of this evaluation, a legal parking space is twenty (20) linear feet.

B. The survey referenced in subsection (A) may be conducted by the proponents of the district, or by a person designated by the City Manager.

C.  The proposed hours of restricted parking cannot be any greater than the most restrictive hours of restricted parking in the adjacent or nearby commercial area.

10.42.030  Public hearing.  The City Council shall hold a public hearing on any proposed designation, revision, or repeal of a residential parking district. The public hearing shall be held only after the City Manager has determined that the proposed district could satisfy the criteria for designation and notice has been sent to the residents in the proposed district and within one hundred feet (100 ft.) of the proposed district.  Once the district is approved, the City Manager is responsible for administration of the district and permits in accordance with this chapter and the Council’s approval.
10.42.040  Parking restriction in residential parking districts.

A. The parking restrictions for each residential parking district will be established by resolution of the City Council, subject to the limits in section 10.42.020(C).

B.   The permits are valid only during the hours of restricted parking in the adjacent or nearby commercial area.  The specific hours will be set in the resolution establishing the residential parking district.

C. It is unlawful for any person to park any motor vehicle or trailer or allow any motor vehicle or trailer to be parked in a residential parking district for more than the time allowed by the parking restrictions established for that district or street, unless the motor vehicle is displaying a valid residential parking permit for that parking district.

D. Residential parking permits holders must comply with all other parking regulations in effect except that vehicles displaying a valid residential parking district permit may be parked in a metered space within the designated district without the need to deposit coins.

10.42.050  Residency required for a permit.  Residential parking district permits shall only be issued to residents of the parking district.  A resident is a licensed driver who resides in a dwelling unit approved for residential occupancy and who is the owner of or a tenant in the dwelling unit or who can demonstrate by some other means of exclusive right of occupancy. A person who maintains a seasonal or temporary residence in excess of one hundred (100) consecutive days within the permit year shall also be considered a resident, provided the structure being occupied is approved for temporary or seasonal residential occupancy.

10.42.060   Permit application.

A. Only a resident of a residential parking district may apply for a residential parking district permit.  The application shall be submitted to the City Administration Building on forms provided by the City Manager. The application for a permit shall contain information to verify that the applicant is a resident of the district for which the application has been made. The information must include: 

1.  Applicant’s name, address, operator permit (driver’s license) number, and date of issue.
2.  Vehicle owner name, address, vehicle registration certificate number, and date of issue.
3.  The make, model, color, state of registration, and license number of the vehicle(s) to be registered.
4.  Proof of residency if the address or the operator permit or vehicle registration is not in the residential parking district for which the application is made.
5.  Any other information required by the City Manager to determine if a residential parking permit should be issued.

B. A parking permit will not be issued for any motor vehicle for which one or more unpaid parking tickets or citations have been issued by the Police Department for parking or traffic violations. The permit shall be issued when the applicant meets the requirements specified in this section and has paid the required fee.

10.42.070  Residential parking permit; short term and temporary permits; hardship permit. 

A.  Upon approval of a permit application, a residential parking district permit will be issued to all residents of residential parking districts for the residents’ vehicles, but not to exceed a total of 2 vehicles for each dwelling unit.

B. In addition to the residential parking permit, each dwelling unit in a residential parking district with an approved application shall receive two (2) short-term visitor passes.

C. Temporary parking district permits are available for specific functions (i.e. party, graduation, wedding, etc.) An application for temporary permits shall be made by the resident of the district on the City application form. Temporary parking permits may be issued for 24 hours and up to seven (7) days, as determined by the City Manager.

D. When the designation of a residential parking district adversely impacts other City residents because their residence is not situated within the residential parking district and because they do not have on-street or off-street parking, the adversely impacted neighbor may petition the City Manager for a residential parking district permit.

1.  In order to approve a permit under this subsection the City Manager must find that all of the following have been met:

a. That the applicant (adversely impacted neighbor) is a resident as defined in this chapter;
b. That the applicant resides in the R-1, R-2, or R-3 zones;
c. That a portion of the applicant’s property (residence) is within one hundred (100) feet of the residential parking district;
d. That the applicant’s property (residence) does not abut a street where on-street parking is allowed;
e. That there is little or no off-street parking and the inability to develop the property to provide for legal off-street parking.

2.  The City Manager shall make a decision on the application within thirty (30) days of submission. An adversely impacted neighbor whose application has been approved by the City Manager shall be considered a resident of the residential parking district for purposes of permitting under this chapter.

10.42.080  Permit Fee and Term.

A. Permit fees for residential parking district permits are established by resolution of the City Council. The fee is payable at the time of application.

B. The permit term for each residential parking district is set forth in the resolution establishing the residential parking district.
C. Residential parking permits may be renewed by residents upon presentation of the expired permit and payment of the fee on or before the expiration of the permit term.
D. If application is made after the mid-point of the term of a parking permit, the fee will be one half (1/2) of the established fee.

10.42.090  Display of Permits.  Residential parking district permits must be displayed and visible on the driver’s side rear window of the vehicle. Short-term visitor passes and temporary passes must be displayed and visible on the driver’s side dash of the vehicle.

10.42.100  Expiration of Permits.

A.  A permit expires and is void at the end of the permit term if not renewed within 7 days of the end of the term.
B. A permit expires and is void when the owner or user of a permitted vehicle no longer resides within the district or when the vehicle for which the permit is issued is sold, transferred, demolished or otherwise no longer used by the resident to whom the permit was issued, unless transferred in accordance with section 10.42.110.
C. Expired permit stickers must be removed from the vehicle upon permit expiration and expired short term visitor passes and temporary permits must be returned to City Administration.

10.42.110  Permit Transfers and Replacement.

A. A permit may be transferred to a new vehicle when the vehicle for which the permit was originally issued is sold, transferred, demolished, or in any other manner rendered unusable to the resident. The permittee shall notify the City of a change in status of the motor vehicle and complete an application for the new vehicle.

B. A replacement permit may be obtained when a permit is lost or stolen.  The application for a replacement permit shall be the same as the application for an original permit.
C. A permit may not be transferred or replaced for any vehicle for which one or more parking tickets or traffic citations have been issued and are unpaid.

10.42.120  Penalties.

A. Any person who violates any provision of this chapter shall be subject to a fine of not less than $50.00 and not more than $150.00.  Each time a permit is used in violation of this chapter is considered a separate offense.
B. If the registered owner of the permit does not make payment within ten (10) days of the violation, the permit will be void and a new permit will not be issued for the vehicle until the fine is paid in full.


Read for the first time: _________________________, 2006.

Read for the second time and passed:  _________________________, 2006, to become effective thirty (30) days hence.

Signed      , 2006.


      Linda Streich, Mayor


Jill Rommel, City Recorder
Rules for Use and Issuance of Residential Parking Permits,
Temporary Permits and Visitor Permits

1. The permits are valid only during the normal business hours established by the City of Hood River which in most cases is 8:00 A.M. to 6:00 P.M. Monday – Saturday.  [see my comment re 10.42.040(B)

2. All permits must be visible on the driver’s side rear window and should be affixed to the left side (driver side) of the rear window of the vehicle.

3. Permits are valid only for the vehicle to which they are issued. Any change of vehicle information or resident information needs to be reported to the City at 386-1488.

4. Each vehicle within the residential district must obtain a permit if the vehicle will be parked on the street in the district.

5. Each residence will be issued one (1) permit per vehicle (no more than 2 vehicles per residence) and two (2) visitor passes which are to be used only by visitors for no longer than two (2) days. Misuse of visitor passes will result in a fine and possibly revocation of the parking permit.

6. Residents may apply for a temporary parking permit for long term visitors which is valid for up to seven (7) days. After seven days, a new pass is needed. The fee for the pass is $5 per vehicle.

7. Residents may apply for temporary parking permits for large events held at the residence (party, wedding, etc.) by contacting the City at 386-1488 at least 48-hours prior to the day of the event. Permits for large events will be valid for 24-hours. There is no fee for these permits.

8. Applicants must show proof of residency when applying for the residential permit. A lease, driver’s license, or utility bill with a current date is acceptable. The applicant must also have legal title to or the right of possession of the vehicle to be permitted.

9. Permits will not be issued to applicants with unpaid parking tickets or traffic citations.

10.  The fee for the residential parking permits $20 per vehicle for a 2-year period.