City Council

The City Council is comprised of 6 council members and the Mayor. The City Council meets every second and forth Monday evening each month and you can find details about upcoming sessions and past sessions by visiting the Agendas & Minutes.

Hood River City Charter 

City Council Procedures 2011

Mayor - Arthur Babitz

COUNCIL MEMBER - ARTHUR BABITZBio: I am an electrical engineer by training, and have worked in that field for more than 25 years.  I own a small business designing and manufacturing a video device used to produce animation.  When not working, I enjoy hiking, biking, skiing and sailing.

I am a strong believer in open and accessible government.  I take the City Council's role in assuring citizen representation in decision making very seriously.  I encourage all residents to be actively involved in their government.  The depth and breadth of experience in our community can help us solve any problems that   confront us.

I enjoy chatting about local politics.  Don't be shy about dropping me an email with a question or comment on our budget, your vision for the city's future, or any other topic.

Phone: (541) 386-1383 

Council President - Ed Weathers 

Ed WeathersBio: Bio: I was born and raised in the Hood River Valley. After graduating from Oregon State University in 1993 I worked for a short time in the Bay Area as a produce broker. An opportunity arose in 1995 to return to the Gorge and work for Duckwall Fruit Company. When not at work you are very likely to find me on the Golf course trying to improve on the hardest game on earth or on campus at OSU cheering on my beloved Beavers.
As a lifetime resident of Hood River I believe being active in City and local government is important and I take this responsibility very seriously. I would urge resident’s to become more involved in your City and please contact, staff, myself or any other Council member if you have a question, idea or concern.

Phone: (541) 490-2251

Council Member - Laurent Picard


Phone: (503) 708-5925  


Council Member - Carrie Nelson 




Council Member - Mark Zanmiller

COUNCIL MEMBER - MARK ZANMILLERBio:  I believe that Hood River is truly a special place and as City leaders and proponents, we have the responsibility to encourage and build on what we have, without screwing it up.  A short biography:

• We moved to Hood River in 1991 and into our current home in 1992. Kym and I have two wonderful daughters.   I enjoy coffee, hiking, skiing, jogging, and garden puttering.  As a pedestrian commuter, I have walked/jogged over 12,000 miles in Hood River! 
• I have served 15 years as elected board member of the Hood River Valley Parks and Recreation District.  I was co-chair of the City Waterfront Park Development Committee, and have stayed involved in a range of volunteer activities.
• 21 years working in our local high-tech industry as engineer, BD executive, and entrepreneur.

I like to ask the following when examining any issue:  
1. Are we sure we can continue to meet previous commitments before we agree to new ones?  We have to stay within our budget and have available bandwidth.  The fun part is finding ways to achieve the new without adding risk.
2. How can we do things better and more efficiently?  Strive for continuous improvement.
3. Are we letting ourselves think outside the box and allow ourselves to discuss bold solutions and opportunities?   If we just stay with the safe choices, we are less for it.
4. How will our decision affect the things we love about our town – human/pedestrian scale, recreational opportunities, close connections to the environment, good jobs, a close knit community, etc.?

Like my fellow councilors, I think our goals are best reached with full community involvement and I encourage both formal and informal feedback and inputs.  Please feel free to contact me. 

Phone: (541) 386-5153  

Council Member - Brian McNamara

Council Member - Kate McBride  

Kate McBrideBio: Kate has lived in the Hood River Valley all of her life.  Raising two girls and donating time to school activities and related volunteer activities were her civic focus for 15 years.  Real estate sales dominated her life for 14 years and she currently works for a non-profit as their Land Trust Manager.  Most recently she served on the Hood River Planning Commission for 7+ years.  She believes that planning is what will shape the community in the ways that residents desire.  She is passionate about supporting ways to make housing affordable, so local working families can continue to live here and be involved in schools, arts, recreation, and local government service.  Her interests include hiking, windsurfing, sewing and gardening.  She welcomes suggestions and open communication between council and the citizens of Hood River.  Please call or e-mail her anytime, with ideas and concerns. 

Phone: (541) 386-6612