In 1998, Oregon voters passed a law known as Ballot Measure 56. It requires that notices are mailed to landowners when a change in land-use laws might limit property uses. Local government must mail the notice to every landowner whose property could be affected as a result of changes.

The City of Hood River notice is about planning commission consideration of a number of potential updates to the City’s Comprehensive Plan, Zoning Code and Subdivision Code. The changes proposed are revisions that target workability and clarity of Hood River’s Municipal Code, and implementation of the city's Housing Strategy and the Westside Area Concept Plan.

Please Note:  State law requires the same general wording is used in Measure 56 notices, even though it may not describe likely effects on properties from a change in land-use laws. The Measure requires the notice state that the City has determined that proposed land use changes “may change the value of your property.” Receiving this notice does not mean the changes will affect your property or property value.

CLICK HERE for a PDF of the Measure 56 notice 

Measure 56 notice