Mayor's Musings

Mayor Paul Blackburn

Dear neighbors,
I hope everyone is enjoying the winter season so far, staying warm and safe.

It is with great enthusiasm that the City’s winter e-news is now distributed in English and Spanish. Outreach to all segments of our community is important to us. Sharing current news with our Spanish-speaking community is one way to improve communications with all.

After a very productive goal-setting session, 2019 promises to be a busy year. As your representatives, we deliberated as a group on what our top goals will be. That session confirmed that we have a hard-working, smart, collaborative group for our work ahead. I’d like to welcome our three new council members, Jessica Metta, Erick Haynie and Tim Counihan. I’d also like to thank staff for supporting our goals and working to fulfill our direction, as well as for providing us with valuable information for our decision-making.

Please reach out to your City Council members, or to me, for any input or ideas you may have. We always appreciate your involvement.

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