Mayor's Musings

Be in Touch!
I recently participated in a Bike With The Mayor gathering, hosted by Mountain View Cycles. We had a pleasant spin along the Waterfront down to the Hook and back. I enjoyed visiting with constituents about their ideas and concerns for The City. I think this kind of casual, out-of-the-office interaction is a very useful conduit for information sharing and getting to know one another.

As I leave office this fall, remember to continue to be in touch with your Mayor and City Council. These dedicated, generous volunteer leaders are instrumental in keeping our City great, and continually striving for improvement. And they really appreciate folks who are willing to engage and participate. Thoughtful, polite advocacy is a key part of the process of representative democracy. Thank you to all who take on this role.

And please consider joining me for my final "Pie with the Mayor" later this summer; watch the Hood River News and City Facebook page for date and details.

Paul Blackburn
Mayor of Hood River

Bike with the Mayor

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