Hood River Fire & EMS

Internship Announcement

  • Up to $10,000 per year of tuition
  • Free housing/utilities available
  • 48/96 shift schedule

Minimum Requirements:

  • Oregon EMT-Basic certification
  • At least 18 years of age
  • Diploma, GED or Certificate of Advanced Mastery
  • NFPA FF 1 trained
  • NFPA Operations Level Responder certified
  • Wildland Interface Firefighter (FFT2) certified
  • Valid drivers license
  • Full time student (12 credits). Preferably in Paramedicine, Fire Science or a Health Care degree program.

The Selection Process:

  • Based on results of application, physical agility test, oral interview, and drug screen.

Two Ways to Apply:

      1.  Email Kip Miller at kip@hoodriverfire.com and request an application package.

      2Click here for an application package and here for the Intern Program Goals an Objectives. Include copies of all certifications, training, licenses and documentation to meet qualifications to apply. 

Deadline to turn in application is August 31, 2014

Mail Applications to:             

                               Hood River Fire & EMS

                               c/o Internship

                               1785 Meyer Pkwy.

                               Hood River, OR 97031