Part One of 2018 Zoning Code Revisions Primer

February 12, 2018

The document (linked to HERE) includes summaries of proposed revisions to Titles 16 (subdivision) and Title 17 (Zoning) of the Hood River Municipal Code. Please note this list does not constitute a comprehensive “clean up” ordinance, nor staff findings for legislative changes, but rather a list of revisions that target workability and clarity of Hood River’s Municipal Code.

The amendments reflect previously discussed issues, initiatives from City Council, or changes in state law, and should remain consistent with existing goals of the Comprehensive Plan. Based on subsequent hearings and consideration of the City Housing Strategy and Westside Area Concept Plan Report, staff anticipates additional code and Comprehensive Plan revisions to materialize over the course of the next year or so.

As required by state law, all property owners within the City and its Urban Growth Boundary were sent notice of proposed changes to the code and Comprehensive Plan (commonly referred to as a "Measure 56 notice"). The Measure requires cities and counties provide affected property owners with notice of a change in zoning classification; adoption or amendment of a comprehensive plan; or adoption or change of an ordinance in a manner that limits or prohibits previously allowed uses.

The notice is intentionally broad in its application. It includes the Comprehensive Plan, Zoning Code, and Subdivision Code. This wide application will allow for changes across various portions of the code with the intent to avoid ambiguity and inconsistencies.

Staff prepared a strikes and underlines version of code sections as a first draft to identify and place into context the initial proposed changes to allow for a thorough and expeditious hearing of the first amendments.

These legislative changes are of general applicability meaning that they apply to the City-at-large. In the next round of correspondence, staff will expand the summary and provide additional details and findings.

View a PDF of the 2018 zoning code revisions pt.1 primer HERE

Code Revison Primer

View a PDF of the 18-05 LEG Code Amendment PC Report

View a PDF of the House Bill 4034

View a PDF of the House Bill 3223